Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Malhar holding Kalyani with his hand that Om Sri Krishna plays. Everyone sees him. You see Sahib, electricity comes back. Anupriya comes to the plane and grabs his hand Malhar leaves Kalyani today. Damini asks who is this man Malhar tells that he was a black ban on Kalyani but I will not harm him Aao Saheb says that he is a servant here and his tip is going, Kalyani tells Damini that she gives him something Wants to tell and reveals that she was pregnant in her previous marriage and had an abortion.

Damini asks her to speak to the past. Taking the book tells that she is lucky to get married in Damini’s house and Kalyan Kya sits on the swing of the brother, Vikram sits with Kalyan, Malhar returns. Saheb tells Malhar to bring the lamp to the lamp and is happy and what will be the real fun of Malhar goes to get Diya and the bucket. I think Anupriya’s saree finds that she is coming from dirty Godse removing nail polish. Where is it coming Daman goes to Damini to give clothes to Anupriya, who gifted Kleinik for the whole, even when the moment stops her and tells that only a married person can do this asana Kalyani says that this Who said that Aao Saheb says that Anupriya’s husband has left her but she is married. She says that no one will take away your rights. Pallavi Anupriya gets traumatized and gets upset.

Aao Saheb tells that media exchange Will provide what Vikram Klein says is more beautiful than the photos and tells that he has scared her on social media Malhar gives. Godavari first says that if there is a big accident then she tells him to take a copy of R101 Goes and sees Lena, tells her to keep it extended around. She tells Anupriya to perform her aarti with the elder Diya and still carries the lamp together and gets depressed Kalyani Malhar Malhara is also thinking about, I think I can’t see you and Vikram is getting up It is said that Vikram gets up, Anupriya picks up Kalyani, Malhar still keeps it and looks at Kalyani, Kalyani sees him. Anupriya gives Vikram and Kalyani a ring. She takes the ring Kalyani is still looking at Malhar and is emotional She gets Vikram wearing a ring. Everyone plays clap. Damini asks Vikram to make her wear ring.

Vikram is wearing a clinic ring and Nanu is celebrating the relief. Kalyani also comes and everyone claps and Turns his face into pain, asks to offer the Aarti of the eyes and asks the latter to perform Aarti. Mahara aggravates Anupriya and asks Seva Anupriya to perform her Aarti. Malhara is upset and goes from there. The rods try to light the match. Pallavi feels that the explosion will happen. Malhar goes to Bhandara and kicks on things there. Finds my empty nail polish remover and Sahab asks Malharganj to put another match stick in the morning. Gets respect and thinks that we have come and is also coming from kalyani She feels that her life is in danger and he is running away. She brings the match stick and gives Anupriya.

how much Anupriya’s mother cries and shows to her that she is holding a clap. She burns the lamp when Malhar comes to the balcony Is and calls me. I tell you that you are on both of them. Get away from the fire. Kalyani goes to the chowk and cheats those priya. She gets trapped herself. Now fast catches the decoration and Kalyani falls from the fire. Eyelid bullets fall on Kalyani from the false ceiling Kalyani runs to protect her from her income, Anupriya cries and says Kalyani Malhar runs Kalyani Anupriya Aao Sahib asks her to give her adoption but now maybe holding her hand Kalyani faints and Malhar comes down and tries to jump into the fire. He takes the blanket and sets it on fire, then who is inside and covers the blanket, Damini and Vikram’s Malhar take Kalyani away.